Airmen's map / La carte des aviateurs

La grande vadrouille – Oury (2)

Un nouveau billet sur « La Grande Vadrouille », film bien connu mais dont la cartographie embarquée l’est moins /\ An extended version of a post about « La Grande Vadrouille », a famous movie (at least France) with several maps.

Bomb run on Kiel planning / Préparation du bombardement de Kiel

The war lover / L’homme qui aimait la guerre – Leacock

The war lover is an 1962 American film directed by Philip Leacock. The storie takes place during the Second World War, on an English air base. It focuses on captain Buzz Rickson’s personality (Steve McQueen), pilot of a B-17 called The Body, and his relationship with people and life. With his co-pilot, Lieutenant Ed Bolland (Robert Wagner),…

A Self-Made Hero / Un héros très discret. Audiard (2)

(e)space&fiction already mentioned the London Underground map that Albert Dehousse learned by heart to enhance the credibility of his false engagement in the Resistance. One can found another very brilliant sequence later in the film when the « hero » travels to Germany for a military mission. Nous avons déjà mentionné dans (e)space&fiction le dispositif de la carte du…

The Iron Lady, a Naval Combat near Argentina / La dame de fer, une bataille navale au large de l’Argentine

The Iron Lady is a 2011 movie directed by Phyllida Lloyd. This movie is a biography of Margaret Thatcher played by Meryll Streep. Despite the very minor interest of this movie, an original spatial machinery is shown. This machinery makes a direct reference to the Falklands War in 1982, which played a major role in the political…