Trench 3D animation / Animation 3D de la tranchée

Star Wars / La guerre des étoiles. Episode IV

Les nombreux dispositifs spatiaux de La guerre des étoiles. Episode IV /\ The profuse spatial machineries in Starwars. Episode IV.

Bomb run on Kiel planning / Préparation du bombardement de Kiel

The war lover / L’homme qui aimait la guerre – Leacock

The war lover is an 1962 American film directed by Philip Leacock. The storie takes place during the Second World War, on an English air base. It focuses on captain Buzz Rickson’s personality (Steve McQueen), pilot of a B-17 called The Body, and his relationship with people and life. With his co-pilot, Lieutenant Ed Bolland (Robert Wagner),…

Stanley Kubrick : War Room and Space Rationality / salle de commandement et rationalité de l’espace

Stanley Kubrick, who died in 1999, is considered as a genius film director. He made only 13 films in 46 years, mainly because of his perfectionism and because of his insistence to gather a very high level of details before beginning to make the film.  However,  he was also the writer and the producer of…