Batman Moved House to Detroit, Come and Visit / Batman a déménagé à Détroit, passez le voir.

Une visite de la base secrète de Batman dans Street View /\ A tour in the secret base of Batman


« Supermap » returns ! (and « Batmap » as well…)

Superpowers might give superheroes a very specific experience of space. Some examples of spatial machineries in comic books and movies confirm this idea. The superheroes are often confronted with original cartographic issues and often invent very precursory geospatial devices. So here are already Supermap and Batmap, before possibly, if you dig into your old Marvel magazines to find…

Metropolis : Superman and Lois Lane statues / Les statues de Superman et Lois Lane

Rocky, Yoda or The Little Prince are not the only fictional characters who have been materialized. Superman and Lois Lane have also their own materialization. Even if Metropolis, the  city where Superman lives is fictional, a city in Illinois has the same name and beyond this resemblance, the city host… Superman and Lois Lane! Rocky, Yoda…