Exposition Gus Van Sant à la Cinémathèque française : le plan d’un éléphant/Gus Van Sant exhibition at the Cinémathèque française : the plan of an elephant

Le plan du lycée dessiné par Gus van Sant pour tourner son film Elephant /\ The map of the Highschool drawn on by Gus van Sant for the shooting of Elephant.

Bomb run on Kiel planning / Préparation du bombardement de Kiel

The war lover / L’homme qui aimait la guerre – Leacock

The war lover is an 1962 American film directed by Philip Leacock. The storie takes place during the Second World War, on an English air base. It focuses on captain Buzz Rickson’s personality (Steve McQueen), pilot of a B-17 called The Body, and his relationship with people and life. With his co-pilot, Lieutenant Ed Bolland (Robert Wagner),…

La géographie dans « La Recherche » de Marcel Proust / Geography in Proust’s « In Search of Lost Time »

In the main work of Marcel Proust « In Search of Lost Time« , geography holds a prime position. It is not a descriptive geography, neither a geography with a scientific purpose nor exactly anchored on the reality, but a geography born from the imagination of the author where reality is closely intertwined with his imagination. According to…

« Invasion », les espaces d’une ville imaginaire et envahie / « Invasion », spaces of an imaginary and invaded city

Invasion is a film directed in 1969 by the Argentine film director Hugo Santiago, in collaboration with Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares. The film tells the story of a city, imaginary or real, besieged by powerful enemies and defended by a handful of men, who maybe are not heroes. They will fight to the…