L’espace des peintres au cinéma (1ère partie) / Painters’ space in cinema (1rst part)

Le premier d’une série de trois articles d’analyse géographique de l’espace pictural au cinéma consacré à des films où l’espace mis en scène fait référence à des œuvres picturales réelles /\ The first in a series of three post dedicated to a geographical analysis of pictorial space in films with a first kind where the space staged refers to real pictorial works.


Edward Hopper / Gail Albert Halaban. Gloucester revisited

The big Grand Palais Hopper’s exhibition in Paris is closing tonight. It is an opportunity to publish a post somewhere between news, spatial machinery and materialization of fiction. The New-York Time magazine  published in July 2012 – and le Monde in September 2012- wrote about the work of the photographer Gail Albert Halaban. In this…

Easy-Rider : a mythic geographical road-movie/un mythique road-movie géographique

Easy Rider (Hopper,1968) is considered as the typical road movie, even as a manifesto of this type. The film was directed by  the American actor  Dennis Hooper, who died in May 2010. In late 2008, the Cinemathèque Française presented a wonderful exhibition entitled « Dennis Hopper and the New Hollywood ». As  Matthew Orleans, curator of the…