The Great Map of Movieland

Découvrir la grande carte du pays du cinéma /\ Discover the Great Map of Movieland,

Le film dans la pratique de la géographie – Colloque à Bordeaux du 26 au 29 mars 2018

Un appel à communications pour un colloque sur « Le film dans la pratique de la géographie » vient de paraître. L’objet est de réunir les géographes qui utilisent le film dans la pratique de leur discipline. /\ A call for papers for a conference on « The film in the practice of geography » has just been published. The aim is to bring together geographers who use the film in the practice of their discipline

Geography of fantastical countries

For those who didn’t come to Saint-Dié-des-Vosges Festival this year (so am I), I warmly recommend to listen to this radio podcast (french only), which echoes the main topic of this year’s festival : This program touches on many subjects and comic books already mentionned in this blog. Pour ceux qui, comme moi, n’ont…

« Paysages in situ ». Où se trouvait l’artiste ? / Where Was the Artist ?

Here are a game and a smartphone application proposed by the CAUE of Isère.  The goal is to find the exact location where the artist was standing when he painted or photographed a scenery shown in the works of several museums of Dauphiné. Then people are invited to produce  replicas of the work from this…