Batman Moved House to Detroit, Come and Visit / Batman a déménagé à Détroit, passez le voir.

Une visite de la base secrète de Batman dans Street View /\ A tour in the secret base of Batman


« Paysages in situ ». Où se trouvait l’artiste ? / Where Was the Artist ?

Here are a game and a smartphone application proposed by the CAUE of Isère.  The goal is to find the exact location where the artist was standing when he painted or photographed a scenery shown in the works of several museums of Dauphiné. Then people are invited to produce  replicas of the work from this…

TARDIS's control room / Salle de contrôle du TARDIS

Doctor Who’s TARDIS in Google Street View

Quand la Google car a parcouru Earl’s Court Road, à Londre, elle surpris le TARDIS, célèbre machine à voyager dans le temps et l’espace, aux allures de « Police Box », utilisée par le Doctor Who. /\ When the Google car mapped Short Earl’s Court Road, London, it caught the TARDIS, famous Doctor Who’s time machine and spacecraft, which looks like a Police Box.

Casse-tête chinois / Chinese puzzle. Klapisch

Chinese puzzle, the latest film by Cédric Klapisch is certainly not the first film to put Google Maps on screen. We did not attempt a systematic inventory of the Google map service apparitions in movies, but in 2010 Where are the Morgans? already used a sort of fake of Google Maps. Chinese puzzle may be…

L’île d’Hashima est visible sur GoogleStreetView/ Hishima island is visible on GoogleStreetView

The Cubic site has relayed the announcement by Google that Hashima (or « Battleship ») Island is now visible on GoogleStreetView. The Hashima island is an old mine in the Japanese archipelago, located off Nagasaki, which was abandoned in 1974. Since that time no regular human activity takes place there. However the island has served as decor…


« A girl is trapped in the map and desperately needs your help to escape. Have you got what it takes to navigate her out of this dangerous photographic maze. The clock is ticking. » This is the pitch for an advertisment campain that was organized in 2011 by Mercedes around a interactive commercial produced by an…