Carte anthropomorphe : The Absolute Truth, Lawrence Arabia

The Absolute Truth par Lawrence Arabia . Anns Taylor, a gagné avec ce graphisme le prix 2016 de la meilleure pochette de disque aux Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

The Wall d’Alan Parker : les murs de l’enfermement mental et les fantasmes d’un ordre établi/ the Walls of Mental Confinement and the Fantasies of an Established Order

« The Wall » film d’Alan Parker basé sur l’album des Pink Floyd évoque l’enfermement mental du chanteur d’un groupe à succès et ses fantasmes d’un ordre paramilitaire /\ « The Wall », film by Alan Parker based on the album of Pink Floyd evoke the mental imprisonment of the singer of a successful band fascinated by a paramilitary established order.

Paname Urbex : lieux de tournages à Paris / filming locations in Paris

Since 2013, the Facebook community Paname Urbex makes an inventory of filming locations in Paris, France. Actuals photographs and movies screenshots are matched up, often superimposed. This work is extended to albums covers, in particular those of the French singer Renaud. Note in USA Delta Bravo Urban Exploration Team have the same goal. Depuis 2013,…

L’univers des villes pour Jacques Demy/ The World of Cities for Jacques Demy

The exhibition « Le monde enchanté de Jacques Demy«  which takes place from April 10 to August 8, 2013 at the Cinemathèque française in Paris, offers the opportunity to see closely the world of cities of this French filmmaker, who died in 1990. Jacques Demy, close to the « Nouvelle vague« , was a producer, but also a screenwriter,…

Rio Baril – Florent Marchet

The French singer Florent Marchet, sometimes compared to Alain Souchon despite their very different universes, likes also to refer to places in his songs. His personal geography is located slightly further south than Souchon’s Sologne. Florent Marchet evokes his natal Berry in Gargilesse, an instrumental that refers to « one of the most beautiful villages in…