Exposition Gus Van Sant à la Cinémathèque française : le plan d’un éléphant/Gus Van Sant exhibition at the Cinémathèque française : the plan of an elephant

Le plan du lycée dessiné par Gus van Sant pour tourner son film Elephant /\ The map of the Highschool drawn on by Gus van Sant for the shooting of Elephant.


Map of Metal / Carte du Métal

Patrick Galbraith (graphic designer) and Nick Grant (metal historian) drew a Map of Metal with some pieces of  leather, chains, nails, skulls … This interactive map lists all the sub-genres and the links between them. It does not forget other associated sub-genres as punk, hardcore… We note a main continent and many small islands. The…

Rock’n’roll Metro Map

Alberto Antoniazzi, an Italian graphic designer, presents the history of  Rock as a subway map where every line corresponds to a sub-genre and every group or musician corresponds to a station that may connect two lines. He uses all the codes of a subway map : colors, symbols, legend.  You can see  it on the…